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Monday, May 23, 2005, 23:38

New articles on AnthroGlobe: Western Cybermythology / People of the open sea

Signs of activity at AnthroGlobe - one of the eldest anthropology web journals. Two new texts and they seem to work with the site layout, it seems:

Carmen Petrosian-Husa: Powerful & Powerless: The Rei Metau on the Outer Islands of Yap

Since 1982 I visited the islands of the rei metau several times. My main focus of research were the "rites de passage", weaving, structures of authority and medicine. In due course of my research I visited all their islands and atolls and analyzed the differences in the social structures of each single atoll. The way I will describe the rei metau in this paper represents the lives and self-esteem of the people as it can be experienced today. >> continue

Darrell A. Joyce: Modern Folklore: Cybermythology in Western Culture

Throughout the years, humans have used the oral tradition of folklore and legend to share stories, entertain, and to teach moral social lessons. The purpose of this paper is to briefly look at the evolution of urban legends from their “beginnings” in the turn of the 20 th century to present day, with specific attention to contemporary urban legends, and the application of internet/e-mail communications as a medium to further spread this modern form of folklore. Also, this paper attempts to answer the question of whether or not folklore continues to exist and be propagated in today’s society. >> continue


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