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"How can I contribute to a better world?" Anthropologists on the Oslo terror attacks - an update

Many new comments by anthropologists have appeared since my first post on the terror attack in Oslo. Here is a quick overview more »


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Terror in Oslo: Who cares about Christian right wing extremism?

While politicians and social scientists have directed all their attention towards "islamist" terror groups, right-wing extremist milieus were able to grow unnoticed.Memorial Art. Photo: Agnar Kaarbø, flickr (draft) Oslo like a war zone,… more »


2006 - The Year of Open Access Anthropology?

(post in progress) 2005 was the year anthropology finally became visible on the internet. 2006 was the year of a more public, political and open access anthropology? Open Access More and more anthropologists want to make their research available on… more »


New Ethnography: The Deaf People - A Forgotten Cultural Minority

It is insufficient to understand deaf people as disabled. Most deaf people rather see themselves as members of a cultural and linguistic minority. They are proud of their culture. And they face identity obstacles similar to those faced by many other mino… more »


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