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Open Access Anthropology in Africa - an introduction

Heard of the Sudan Open Archive? Already taken a look at the recent anthropology papers of the University of Pretoria? Many universities in Africa have set up digital libraries, repositories for papers and theses that are freely accessible for everybody.… more »


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Dissertation: Sexualisation of childhood?

Tight jeans and short tops for seven year-old girls? When anthropologist Mari Rysst was out shopping clothes for her then seven year-old daughter she - to her dismay - mostly found clothes which imitated the teenage look. Seven years later she published… more »


Open access: Journal of Identity and Migration Studies

Xenophobia in South Africa, labour mobility and economic development, minorities? integration, representation of refugees and forced migrants in the British Economy are some of the topics in the most recent issue of Journal of Identity and Migration Stud… more »


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Humain Terrain anthropologist attacked in Afghanistan has died

(via 'Ilm al-insaan) An anthropologist embedded with the U.S. Army in Afghanistan to help soldiers understand local customs has died more than two months after she was doused with fuel and set on fire, according to ap. Anthropologist Paula Loyd, 36,… more »


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Anthropologists on the war on Gaza (updated)

(See also part II David Graeber: Boycott Israel! - More anthropologists on Gaza) After two weeks war in Gaza, it's time to round up: How have anthropologists contributed to a better understanding of the conflict? According to my overview, they have bee… more »


Headhunting as expression of indigenousness

Anthropologists often criticize mainstream media for exoticizing people. But in Borneo you'll find indigenous people who promote themselves as headhunters and are proud of it. The journal Cultural Analysis has recently received a prize in the Sav… more »


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The anthropology of children, war and violence

What impact has war on children? What has anthropology to say on this? This autumn I watched the movie "Buddha collapsed out of shame" by the Iranian film maker Hana Makhmalbaf. It tells the story of children who reproduce the violence of the adults. For… more »


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New Anthropology Matters out: Practicing anthropology "out of the corner of one's eye"

Why do people wear and produce fake underwear, fake suits and fake jeans? In the new issue of Anthropology Matters, anthropologist Magdalena Craciun tells us in a well written paper about what it was like researching "the place of fake brands in lives li… more »

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