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Andreas Lloyd from the University of Copenhagen extends our notion of Open Access Anthropology and writes:

Now that I’ve officially finished my fieldwork, and with all the talk going on about Open Access Anthropology, I thought I’d try my own little Open Access experiment. I’ve decided to publish the question guide I’ve used for my fieldwork under the GPL. I’ve even indented and commented them in proper code fashion (or, at least, as far as I’ve been capable of emulating it). Also, at suggestion of one of my informants, I’ve answered my own questions (...)

In Opening the source, he explains:

Traditionally, anthropologists guard their questions and approaches fairly carefully as it does say a lot about how they think and act as anthropologists. A question guide can in this way be seen as the source code for one of their basic methods - the interview.

Lloyd has done fieldwork in the Ubuntu open source community and published several papers on technology and anthropology

>> visit Anders Lloyds blog


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