New blog: The Anthropologists - Last primitive tribe on earth?

Wow! Is this the Danish version of Savage Minds? Six anthropologists (partly students) from the Institute of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen have started the blog "Matter Out Of Place". Their first blog post deals with our favorite subject - Public Anthropology and the lack of sharing knowledge on the web.

Jane Mejdahl writes:

First of all anthropologists have to face the obvious and realize the potential in publishing thoughts online and sharing knowlegde. Secondly we have to overcome our fear of being trite and simplifying …


Surely some of us do our fieldwork in far away places without any access to the Internet, computers etc., let alone access to electricity, but a lot of anthropology’s tradtional fields of study are already embracing the possibillities provided by the digital era.

Take a look at indigineuos people’s use of online communication as a mean of resistance and raising awareness. And I bet that Margaret Mead’s lovesick youth in Samoa is busy creating connections and dating online as we speak. Some of us may study people from the other side of the digital divide, but that doesn’t mean that our texts, thoughts, analysis have to remain there. I know for a fact that most anthropologists know how to use a computer. We know how to study issues of social concern. Would it be to much to ask for some sort of combination of the two? Or are we forever stuck in the wilderness?

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Comment from: Jane [Visitor]

Thanks for writing about us and welcoming us into the anthropological blogosphere. A Danish version of Savage Minds? Hardly :), but thanks anyways for the encouragement.

2006-07-21 @ 15:07
Comment from: [Member]

You’re welcome. I have to thank for this picture. The website you’re looking at looks very familiar :)

Good luck with the first anthropology group blog in Scandinavia!

2006-07-21 @ 15:56
Comment from: Sexy Sadie [Visitor]
Sexy Sadie


2006-07-21 @ 17:16

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