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Via YouTube: Anthropology students' work draws more than a million viewers

Many assignments go no farther than between the student completing it and the professor grading it. But assignments in Michael Wesch’s anthropology classes at Kansas State University have been seen around the world and by as many as 1.5 million other people, we read in a press release.

We all know Wesch’ video The Machine is Us/ing Us that was viewed more than five million times. He is no one hit wonder. He has created several popular videos together with his anthropology students.

The spring 2007 intro to cultural anthropology class created the video “A Vision of Students Today”, which has been viewed more than 1.5 million times and prompted others to respond with their own videos. The video is up for a YouTube award for most inspirational video of 2007. It features Wesch’s class describing what it’s like for them to be college students today.

Wesch’s students and their video projects also have drawn attention of media from NBC to BBC. Yet the students’ work makes its way around the world without marketing, Wesch says:

That gets at the complexity of today’s media environment. The students don’t advertise. They get the videos out on blogs, people start linking to them, and other people find them.

>> read the whole press release (includes links to the videos)

>> Digital Ethnography blog by Wesch and others


Interview with Michael Wesch: How collaborative technologies change scholarship

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