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Terror in France and ISIS' Revolution: Anthropologists try to see the whole picture

After the deadly terror attack in France, people in the West have gotten a chance to get a glimpse of the fear that people in less priviledged countries that are bombed by the West. In theory there is a slight possibility for some kind of solidarity or… more »

Egypt: Open access to online scientific journals, ebooks and encyclopedias for everybody in the whole country

It does not happen often that there a good news from Egypt where I am still living. This news here, although nearly too good to be true, is at least interesting. In January, Egypt is going to launch the Egyptian Knowledge Bank. Anybody with an Egyptian… more »


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The Cairo massacre and How to invent "religious conflicts"

It is both interesting and disturbing to see how the event has been covered by international mainstream media in comparison to local (social) media. International media has framed the clashes mainly as a religious conflict while they also could have chosen a totally different perspective: instead of “Muslims against Christians”, they could have chosen “the army against the people”. more »


(updated) The dubious behaviour of Western researchers sightseeing the “Arab Spring”

Egyptian sociologist Mona Abaza has written an interesting article about “growing inequalities” between researchers from the Middle East and the West. “While the Arab Spring has enhanced global interest in the Arab world, local aca… more »


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The misconceptions of slum life

More and more people are living in slums. What can be done about it? A few weeks ago I blogged about Safaa Marafi’s thesis about neoliberal policies, urban segregation and the Egyptian revolution. Now she has published a newspaper article that… more »


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From Tahrir to Israel: "Protest movements inspire greater human understanding"

“Irhal” (=“Leave!”), says the banner in Arabic, a slogan from the Egyptian revolution, directed at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and below in Hebrew: “Egypt is here!” One of the most interesting things about… more »


Thesis: Neoliberal policies, urban segregation and the Egyptian revolution

While Cairo’s slum areas are growing, the richest layer of the society is enjoying a luxury life in privately guarded communities in safe distance from the lower classes. Hosni Mubarak’s neoliberal dream of segregation seems to have come true… more »


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Why social scientists failed to see the Egyptian revolution coming

A few days ago, I attended the first day of the conference From Tahrir: Revolution or Democratic Transition at the American University of Cairo. Researchers and activists were discussing the history and effects of the revolution.We've heard it many t… more »

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