Slam poetry

Slam 'aleikum - slam poetry soirée in Saint Denis (93)I realised last night – dozing uncomfortably under rather dramatic circumstances, in the midst of a thunderstorm lightening the sky and with the wind making slamming windows and shutters throughou… more »


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14th of July

Someone asked me if I wasn’t going to write a post on the 14th of July, He had read somewhere that there use to be a military parade in Paris that day, but on my blog he only saw some funny photos that didn't really looked like a military parade, so he d… more »


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Summer socialising

Parc Floral, during the weekly weekend jazz concert. One of my first blog posts in the autumn was on Le Square and the after-school socialisation among children and parents. Then came the grey and cold winter and street-life almost disappeared. Since… more »


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What a drama, and what a deception! People were so eager for a party and it seemed to be so much at stake… Yesterday afternoon while the preparations for the match was going out outside, I sat at home, absorbed in the excess of newspaper articles… more »


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La rage du peuple

Clearly this sunny Sunday is not made for sitting at home writing blog posts (nor is my head today, I notice as I try to express myself in English…), so I’ll just be very brief before I head off to my “office” in the shade of a tree in Parc Floral (Vince… more »


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Seasonal sensations

The summer heat has come to Paris. For some days no, it’s been so hot in the afternoon that the boulevards are almost empty. Only in the shade under the trees are there a few pedestrians strolling slowly. However the Jehovah’s Witness people with their W… more »


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“Liberté, Égalité, tes papiers!”

Blonde and blue-eyed as I am, I’m not treated as an immigrant here. I often think of my privileged position and how much better I’m treated than many of the locals. While the kids in Clichy-sous-Bois, and elsewhere, are asked for identity papers up to fo… more »


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Politics in the banlieues... encore

I couldn’t believe my ears when I head a sociologist saying on a seminar a while ago that the car burning and riot delinquency going on regularly in this country is apolitical. According to him, these riots had neither symbols nor slogans. I can agree th… more »

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