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What is it with Paris?

“I can see right away if people are from Paris or from the suburbs,” said a playground & park warden to me. “It’s a different mentality, and they behave and move differently. People from Paris are proud of their city.” The central interrogation o… more »


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La concierge, Parisian overture part 2

This terrible and expensive mess I created during a tenth of a second’s inattentiveness and a draught from the balcony doors would never have happened if it weren’t for the French holidays. But now the holidays are over and the house has got back its gar… more »


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Parisian overture, or getting a locksmith in the holiday season

Back in Belleville, - if only for a short visitFinding a place to stay in Paris is one of the worst things I know (except from at a hotel, which is easy.) I’ve lived at six different places in the city, and almost every time some kind of trouble has… more »


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Can a conference be a family occasion?

Early morning, Maynooth CampusTaking one’s family along to a conference is obviously not that uncommon. “Where can I sign up for that anthropologists’ wife association?” my partner wondered, as he saw yet another man pushing a stroller along on the c… more »


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Structuring your presentation

(from Writing for Scholars, by Lynn P. Nygaard, 2008: 158-162) First; Introduce your research question – simply and concretely. Then; you can provide the necessary background or context – all the time answering the question: “why should you lis… more »


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Things to remember when presenting papers at conferences

(Points gathered both from personal experience as well as from listening to others) * If you want to show some of the great video material you’ve worked hard to collect and that will visualize your speech wonderfully, be sure to bring any possible tra… more »



A little red robin just whistled outside the bedroom window. My son takes his midday nap in my lap this summer. For a long time now, he has let us know that midday laps are a waste of time, and the only way to get him to sleep is to make the environment… more »


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A descent into eternal Paris?

Rue de Belleville, just above the metro stationWhat is Paris to me now, I wondered when I sat on the plane on my way south after an absence of more than two years and the experience of a couple of seminal, life-altering (no less) events. I didn’t exp… more »

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