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What is it that I’m studying “the making of…”?

For a long time, the preliminary title of my research project was communities in the making… I was thinking of Britain and France as the two communities that were in a constant state of creation and recreation. Then I realised how flawed this title was.… more »


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Home Migration and the City: New Narratives, New Methodologies – here I come!

I wasn’t selected for the quantitative methods workshop in Paris. Not so strange perhaps, since there is hardly any counting in my work… However, the competition was far fiercer for the other European Science Foundation happening I applied for, and there… more »


Qualitative and quantitative ways of seeing (social) integration

Suddenly, at least to me, the ESF, European Science Foundation, pops up everywhere with interesting conferences and seminars. I’ve already applied for Home, Migration and the City: New Narratives, New Methodologies, a combination of themes which matches… more »


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What can people learn from your research?

Yesterday, I had to answer the question: “What can people learn from your research?” Eh… Learn from what I do? So this job isn’t just a way of keeping another overqualified person out of unemployment statistics? Well, joke aside, ...but I have to admit t… more »


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10 days intervals for a peaceful but alert diary-keeper’s mind

Ethnographic documentation? Art? Anyway: It's spring! Let not the expulsions blossom - Resist!When I started blogging again, I gave myself a 10-days interval between blog posts. The interval should be long enough to be realistic and feel comfortable, b… more »


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Writing and performance

It was hard picking a photo for this post. So many of my photos evoke memories from my many slam nights in Paris, but how to find a photo that can convey some of theses feelings to the readers of this blog... With this one, I hope to put across the munda… more »


Anthropologists and novelists, part two

Anthropology is just one way among many fields that try to make sense of and represent social life. A post ago I stated that it probably isn’t even the most superior at it. Funnily, in the days after I wrote that post, I read in the papers several simila… more »


An Ariadne’s thread?

Souleymane Diamanka at Café Culturel in Saint Denis in the suburbs outside Paris Haven’t I claim that French slam poetry can be seen as a commentary on and/or a representation of French society? Yes, certainly I have. From my very first slam session,… more »

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