Sarkozy in chocolate makes less damage Blogging is hard these days. I’m busy, I’ve had visitors and I’m experiencing a personal earthquake*. And when all this is going on in the fieldworker’s life, the presidential election is approaching. However… more »


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Vivre ensemble after school time

The playground 10 days ago, before spring came for real Le square français was the second post I wrote on this blog, but as I've spent a sunny spring afternoon on one again, I just have to share my enthusiasm once more. After school, parents and… more »


Discussing slam poetry on TV and the schism in French slam

When I was contemplating a title for this post, the first thing that came to mind was the revolution will not be televised (Gil Scott-Heron’s eternal phrase). This association might seem a bit far off, but watching TV as rarely as I do, makes me surprise… more »


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L’anthropologue se cache pour écrire…

Friday 9th of March, Café Culturel, Saint Denis (93) This evening I should have been on the 129H’s monthly slam session at Lou Pascalou, in Rue Panoyaux next to Metro Ménilmontant. 129H is one of the older slam collectives. I’ve seen the members aroun… more »


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Fieldwork and (little) blogging

I’m happy to hear that some Master students read my blog in order to prepare for their own first fieldwork. The idea of this blog has never been to inform about what’s going on in France, neither on findings in my own research, but rather to show snapsho… more »


Art in the suburbs

Slameur and musicians in a forum culturel in the suburb Following the Parisian slam scene immediately led me to the suburbs. During my 9 months long first stay here, I crossed la pheripherique (ring road) only five times (except to go to the airport).… more »


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Slameurs - and one slameuse - on the web

Every night there are several soirées slams taking place. The scene has completely exploded since I started following it 8 months ago, and certainly since I had my first peek into it at a quite shabby bar in Rue de Bagnolet more than a year ago. The slam… more »


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Sunny Sunday – cycling and les techniques du corps

Cycling in the banlieues, neuf-trois (93)Many months ago, I mentioned that I wanted to write about cycling in Paris versus Oslo, from the perspective of Marcel Mauss’ techniques du corps (available for download in French here). I’m reminded of this o… more »

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