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Cfp: Anthropology and the ontological turn (Tsantsa 20/2015)

  2013-12-22 20:05, by admin, Categories: Call for papers, German, French, English
Through paradigm change or by silent revolution, anthropology is abandoning its foundational dualism. The dichotomy between “nature” and “culture” is questioned by studies of cosmologies, which postulate the existence of “multiple natures” and of a unique “culture” shared by humans and other forms of life, things and artefacts. Western multiculturalism thus appears as one possibility among others to create collective life. There, the unity of nature is only obtained thanks to an ongoing distinction, i.e. through scientific practice, between humans seen as unique subjects of knowledge and the rest of the world seen as constituted by a myriad of known objects. The decentralisation of anthropos has profound implications for the definition of research objects and methods of inquiry, as well as for the analytical gesture and forms of restitution more »
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