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Claude Levi-Strauss is dead (updated)

A month before his 101st birthday, Claude Levi-Strauss, one of the most influential anthropologists, died at the age of 100. He died over the weekend, according to the office of the president of the School for the Advanced Studies in Social Sciences, in Paris, Bloomberg reports.

See also my collection of articles on Levi-Strauss’ 100th birthday

UPDATE - Obituaries: / Lots of posts about his death - here a selection

Greg Downey: Thinking through Claude LÚvi-Strauss (Neuroanthropology.net)

Richard Price: My Teacher, Claude LÚvi-Strauss (AAA Blog)

Kevin Karpiak: Claude Levi-Strauss on police (Anthropoliteia)

Scott Atran: A memory of LÚvi-Strauss (Cognition and Culture)

Maurice Bloch: Claude LÚvi-Strauss obituary (Guardian)

Claude LÚvi-Strauss as Museum Ethnologist (Jason Baird Jackson)

Alex Golub: Remembering Claude LÚvi-Strauss (Savage Minds)

Claude LÚvi-Strauss, Anthropologist, Dies at 100 (New York Times)

Claude Levi-Strauss: Intellectual considered the father of modern anthropology whose work inspired structuralism (Telegraph)

Robert Mackey: The Influence of Claude LÚvi-Strauss (New York Times News Blog)

Heather Horn: Remembering Claude LÚvi-Strauss, Academic Giant (The Atlantic Wire)

Claude LÚvi-Strauss (Telegraph)

Maximilian Forte: Claude LÚvi-Strauss: Ó la prochaine fois (a collection of videos, Zero Anthropology)

I have also scanned the German (lots of articles) and Scandinavian media (only short notices, almost ignored).


Comment from: Poumista [Visitor]
2009-12-15 @ 22:56
Comment from: AUGUSTINE MENSAH [Visitor]  

His death saddens the hearts of all Anthropologists worldwide. I am an undergraduate student of University of Cape Coast, Ghana, West Africa, aspiring to be an anthropologist in future. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

2012-05-02 @ 00:42


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