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The Anthropology Song!

(via facebook and Savage Minds) What is Anthropology? Why is it important? Forget about all definitions, here is the Anthropology Song by Dai Cooper!

UPDATE: See interview with Dai Cooper


Comment from: Candice [Visitor]

I love it! I’m an aspiring bioarchaeologist and this song made me light up on a bad day.

2010-02-03 @ 01:52
Comment from: Donna L. Gillette [Visitor]
Donna L. Gillette

Dai, you’re awesome - Our professor showed your video song in our Anthropology of Aging class last night. You rock! humor and brains all in one - would love to hear about your work and successes. Keep it coming!
Donna Gillette
Holland Patent NY

2010-02-19 @ 21:14


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