Around the Web Digest- July 24

Hi everyone, I apologize for the delay but here is this week’s readings for you! With Hamilton, the musical sensation soon traveling to different cities …

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Links & Contents I Liked 193

Hi all,Development news: Aid delivery & kidnapping-the complexities of the humanitarian system; Social accountability and the risk of another buzzword; the business …



Summer #EVENTS list

Hello Allies! Once again, Aude came up with this wonderful list of events for you, to give you a foretaste of the …


Writing About Violence (Part I)

Writing is never easy. Writing ethnographically about people who perpetrate violence is exceptionally difficult. Not only does the ethnographer have to cautiously …

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EASA Konferenz 2016

Die diesjährige Konferenz der Organisation European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA) fand vom 20-23.7. unter dem Titel „Anthropological legacies and human futures“ …

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Governmentality and environmentality can articulate how and why waste becomes a medium through which to understand power and changing human-waste interactions

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