Anthropologists in Outer Space

Anthropologists studying outer space might sound like fringe science, like something from “The X-Files” or some “ancient aliens” TV show, but we …



What happens in Turkey?

On January 19 we posted on our website this petition as a form of support to Turkish academics. We have then asked …


Status Check

I’ve been quiet the last few months. Let me explain. First, I’ve been writing/thinking/crafting my dissertation. It examines family experiences with undiagnosed …

→Disability Fieldnotes


Lentil Underground

  Ellen Messer Tufts University Carlisle, Liz. Lentil Underground. Renegade Farmers and the Future of Food in America. NY: Gotham Books, 2015. …



What Is an Animal?

What is an animal? Take a moment to think about it. Without doubt your dog and cat are animals, as are the …