Anorexia’s Deadly Deceit

Anorexia is commonly associated with body image issues. But more significant influences may be how people diagnosed with anorexia perceive and experience …


Militär und Seidenschleifchen

„Camouflage trifft auf Satinschleife, und Seide glänzt in Khaki: Military-Details brauchen jetzt weibliche Besänftigung“, untertitelt das Modemagazin Glamour in ihrer Januar-Ausgabe 2016 …


I’m with stupid.

Stuttgart arts academy unveiled an enormous placard on the library building. It’s a smart, fabulous protest against the nearby shopping center. The biggest …



Lao Camp Food (Part 1)

I recently spent several days camping with a bomb clearance team in southern Laos. Quick history: Laos, per capita, is the most …