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Would you like to get an overview over the most recent anthropology blog posts? The old newsticker did no longer work reliably, so I've created a new one. It is still work in progress, but so far it seems to work well. I tried to make it look more attractive, with a newspaper look, images and short excerpts with responsive design that also looks good on mobile devices. It also provides a tagcloud from all the categories that the blog authors assigned to their posts, a probably useful tool for exploring previous posts.

The feeds are updated every two hours. Have a look at the new Anthropology Newspaper here http://www.antropologi.info/feeds/

So far, 100 70 blogs are included, so far only English and German ones. I might add more languages later. Please let me know if there are other blogs that I should add or if things are not working as expected, either here in the comment field or via the contact page.

As mentioned, I'm still working on it, there is a lot more that can be done with the current set up. It was not easy to find a good solution. I was about to go for a commercial solution but then I was so happy to find the free and opensource feed aggregator FeedWordPress by "web developer, student of Philosophy, and sometime political activist" Charles Johnson. The more I more I've used the more fascinated I became by this plugin. I am also very thankful for the smart template Ocomedrev that web developer Antonio Sánchez created. I only modified it slightly.

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