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Wednesday, April 13, 2005, 18:41

Gift economies and open source software: Anthropological reflections

David Zeitlyn, University of Kent at Canterbury

Building on Eric Raymond’s work this article discusses the motivation and rewards that lead some software engineers to participate in the open source movement. It is suggested that software engineers in the open source movement may have sub-groupings which parallel kinship groups such as lineages. Within such groups gift giving is not necessarily or directly reciprocated, instead members work according to the ‘axiom of kinship amity’ – direct economic calculation is not appropriate within the group. What Bourdieu calls ‘symbolic capital’ can be used to understand how people work in order to enhance the reputation (of themselves and their group). >> continue

(Found in the huge paper collection on Open Source at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology)


Social Exchange Theory: Lecture by William Davis, University of California, Davis

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