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Friday, April 15, 2005, 00:06

Ethnographic Skype

Alexander Knorr, Xirdalium

Oftentimes there is a confusion about what anthropological 'fieldwork' actually is. One aim of my project is to transpose anthropology's rich and powerful methodology to the terra nova online: thick participation plus its weaknesses compensated by other methods like the ethnographic interview.

As Damien Stolarz has put it, Shapiro provides us with a "Simple hack using Skype as an audio interviewing and archive tool. Instead of needing phone interview recording hardware (which you might not have) you can use computer tools (which you have in abundance)." This contains tremendous possibilities for every trustworthy cyberanthropologist. >> continue


Whats your Skype Research Project? by anthropologist Dina Mehta

Dina Mehta: How social software and social tools are truly worldchanging

Skype and VOIP - all posts by Dina Mehta

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