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Wednesday, April 27, 2005, 11:57

Anthropologist: Europe Should Face Itself in Turkey's Mirror

Zaman Daily Newspaper

At this time of the season, purple flowers bloom more fully in all corners of the Bosphorous, and purple clusters, enchanted because spring is coming at full speed, twine around. Being in Istanbul is a privilege under the shadow of purple clusters. Philosopher, anthropologist and sociologist Edgar Morin, was in Istanbul last weekend. Morin says, "Love is part of a life poem," and he himself has proven the fact that if one does not know anything about poems, he/she cannot be a scientist.

"Despite all efforts by intolerant Europeans, Turks climb a 200-meter hill on the way to Saint George Orthodox Church in Istanbul, together with Christians and Muslims. It is not our duty to judge the people's beliefs here, but the ability to pray side by side and the fraternity among nations. Europeans are not very familiar with this ability. They have been after sharing since the beginning of the 19th century. They do not see the "people" around but only race, religion and discrimination. Europeans, who are busy setting double standard snares, are now lagging far behind the idea of humanism", Morin says. >> continue

Resident Foreigners and Antalya. A new sociological structure in Turkey that came along with globalization


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