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The Stage is all the World, and the Players are mere Men and Women: Performance Poetry in Postcolonial Paris - What it is, and the questions it answers

Yesterday afternoon, an email popped up with the names of the members of the evaluation committee and a date for the possible public defence. It came completely out of the blue, as I was sure this process would take ages. And also, until I read the names… more »


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The narrow-mindedness of finishing a thesis

It’s time to start summing up not only the last months where I’ve been conspicuously absent from this blog (again) but also, finally, the whole research project! The only thing left now is to wait for the verdict of the opponents and the ensuing, hopeful… more »


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Pieces into place 2

Now, all but one chapter have found their final form, with only minor polishing and weaving together left to do. As this blog has helped me to keep a more coherent and exterior perspective on what I’m doing throughout the various stages of the project, I… more »


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Manifesto for faster writing and shorter workdays

To my surprise I discovered that it was easy to change my way of writing and even my way of working more generally. The writing came easiest. When I wrote my master thesis, on very good days I could produce half a page. I could file and mould every sente… more »


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Create expectations for the reader

I wrote about my expectations of Hemingway’s little book from his early years in Paris, A moveable feast, a while ago. Silly me thought I would find the reason why it was particularly hard to write about Paris in his book, as he wrote so evocatively:… more »


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Structuring your presentation

(from Writing for Scholars, by Lynn P. Nygaard, 2008: 158-162) First; Introduce your research question – simply and concretely. Then; you can provide the necessary background or context – all the time answering the question: “why should you lis… more »


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Things to remember when presenting papers at conferences

(Points gathered both from personal experience as well as from listening to others) * If you want to show some of the great video material you’ve worked hard to collect and that will visualize your speech wonderfully, be sure to bring any possible tra… more »


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What can people learn from your research?

Yesterday, I had to answer the question: “What can people learn from your research?” Eh… Learn from what I do? So this job isn’t just a way of keeping another overqualified person out of unemployment statistics? Well, joke aside, ...but I have to admit t… more »

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