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Wednesday, June 29, 2005, 18:42

Geldof's Live8 and Western myths about Africa

Interesting post on Black Looks by African feminist Sokari on Live Aid that remembers on the debates on the African Village in the zoo of Augsburg. In both cases, it's our images of Africa that are questionable.

She writes:

"Do They Know Its Christmas" has just been re-recorded - remember the lyrics?

"underneath a burning sun.............where nothing ever grows" "no rain nor river flows"

This is the vision of Africa being sold to millions of young people all over the West - an African stereotype described by Gerald Caplan as "helpless, dependent, passive victims, and we westerners as decent, selfless, compassionate, resourceful missionaries".

These simplistic and reductionist views of Africa are not just unhelpful they actually add to the problems Africa faces as it reduces them to "natural causes - bad luck".

She quotes Chukwu-Emeka Chikezie who suggests that it is not only Africa that is in receipt of Aid, the West also needs to be weaned off the Aid it receives from Africa and lists 5 areas where that aid comes from. >> continue

Globalvoices Roundup: Africans on Live 8
Globalvoices: More Africans - and Afrophiles - on Live8


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