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Thursday, June 30, 2005, 23:36

Social Neuroscience - Psychologists neuroscientists and anthropologists together

The Guardian

A rapidly growing field of research called "social neuroscience" draws together psychologists, neuroscientists and anthropologists all studying the neural basis for the social interaction between humans.

Traditionally, cognitive neuroscientists focused on scanning the brains of people doing specific tasks such as eating or listening to music, while social psychologists and social scientists concentrated on groups of people and the interactions between them. To understand how the brain makes sense of the world, it was inevitable that these two groups would have to get together. >> continue

Social cognitive neuroscience: At the frontier of science (American Psychological Association)


orange., Saturday, July 02, 2005, 10:48


lorenz, Monday, July 04, 2005, 13:36

Thanks. Had actually an earlier post here Wenn Ethnologen mit Hirnforschern zusammenarbeiten, fliegen die Fetzen http://www.antropologi.info/ethnologie/?id=410d72790119e

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