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Une manif... encore

Today I stumbled upon a demonstration again. I’d been walking around Bas Belleville looking for the spot where the last barricade of the Commune de Paris had been finally defeated. The defeat of the commune is commemorated every year right around… more »


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Le square

When I think about it, one of my favourite things to do in Paris is to hang out in squares (public gardens) after school time. What’s so nice about that? It seems like all children go to their local public garden with their parents around four or… more »


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Today I was making another attempt on getting a bike. I tried yesterday, at a one-off bicycle market arranged by Mieux se déplacer à bicyclette utside the church Saint Sulpice (between St. Germaine des-Prés and Jardin du Luxembourg, south of the river).… more »


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Bienvenue à mon blog de Ménilmontant

-or maybe I should say Salaam Aleikum in appreciation of Ramadan, which began a few days ago. Finally it seems like I’m getting the online diary from my east Paris fieldwork up and going. For the next six weeks I’m settled in an Art Déco building in t… more »

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