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The question of style, voice and perspective

For a long time, I’ve been certain in which style and voice I wanted to write my thesis. I did not want it to be too academic this time, but rather write in a more prose-like style, trying to convey the feeling and experience of “being there” through a m… more »


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Time catching up with me (not yet visa versa)

The writing of my thesis has moved into a new phase. Today is the first day that I spend at home of my six month’s leave. I’m supposed to change focus from what has occupied my mind more or less full time since I left for Paris late September 2005. So fa… more »


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Ouch! High summer is long gone! Clearly, it’s autumn out there: The air is brisk, the sun is lower in the horizon and red, orange and yellow have started to invade the greenery. Not only do I not particularly like autumn (however nice the weather might b… more »


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High summer

It’s high summer and hot, and I don’t feel like doing what I’m supposed to do (I’m supposed to write a book review on Being a Hindu in Oslo.) High summer makes me melancholic. At least in one area of life I see the glass as half empty, and that’s when it… more »


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One year ago today…

Leaving Paris by train Today, it is one year since I packed my bags and left the field. I left a little earlier than planned because the field exhausted me and I wanted some calm. The last ten days I had lived in an hotel, because the letting contract… more »


Parisian performance poetry: a republican space for encounters?

Another presentation which I blatantly will fail to give (see this post), were to take place at a conference in Oxford in about one week’s time, Encounters and Intersections: Religion, Diaspora and Ethnicities. The problematics of this paper give me… more »


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The socio-political geography of East Paris: Parisian slam poetry – a space of resistance?

The most recent paper I failed to give (see previous post) was looking at the slam poetry phenomenon from the perspective of where it is situated, – socio-politically as well as geographically. I wanted to explore the connection between the slam scene’s… more »


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But what has happened to my blog?! It’s a long time since my webmaster warned me that it had been given a brown mark by some RSS newsreader for its lack of updating, and people as far as Cotounu in Benin and Saint Denis in France are wondering what’s goi… more »

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