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Mary Douglas critical of the new anthropology

Haaretz, Israel

Mary Douglas:

"Today too much dominance is given to the anthropologists themselves within the research. This is strange, as it used to be that the main criticism was that anthropologists kept themselves invisible in the research in a way that was really artificial. This accusation - pretending to be anonymous on the part of the writers - changed, and in its stead there has been an opposite phenomenon: dominance of the writers over the research material. Thus, today we are exposed far more to the experiences and thoughts of the writer, while the methodology and the orderly method have declined considerably."



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Food company works with anthropologists for ad-campaign

AP/ The News-Sentinel

Tyson Foods Inc. introduced what company officials said would be the largest ad campaign in its history to analysts Wednesday, making major changes in its advertising approach and highlighting its lines of prepared food products.

Bob Corscadden, Tyson's chief marketing officer, said the company worked with cultural anthropologists to understand the food wants and needs of different demographics to better know how to market its full range of products and highlight the importance of protein as body fuel. >>continue

New Research Study about Traditional Folk Knowledge related to Plants in Albania

OneWorld Southeast Europe

The overall goal of this project is to provide information, data and instruments to NGOs and policy makers about the persistence of high-quality folk know-hows on local plant foods and herbal medicines, which could be used in the future for promoting and implement eco-touristic activities and for improving bio-cultural conservation and rural development of Northern Albania, especially in the framework of the initiative "Balkan Peace Park" project..

It will be used traditional methodologies of the social and cognitive anthropology, and ethnobiology as well. >>continue


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Ricksha art as political indicator in Bangladesh

Anthropologist Joanna Kirkpatrick, Outlook India

Much has been written on jihadism, terrorist training camps and anti-secularism, but so far none of the published material has ever provided grass-roots evidence of where public opinion, the views of the chhoto lok, stand. Yet these are the very people the jihadis and worse are so successful in organizing.

Thus, it behooves analysts to take a look at the rickshas, an important source of visual revelations on public opinion. Ricksha pictures tend to be ignored by the gentry as vulgar and not art, but my years of research on ricksha art have shown me all too clearly what the common man in the streets has on his mind >>continue

Kirkpatrick's website about The Ricksha Art of Bangladesh (great pictures!)


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Spotting the fieldworker in the field

Gabriel Klaeger, eloweb.nl

While the ethnographic fieldworker is famous for producing countless photographic impressions of his own field, the documentary evidences of his presence and involvement in the research process are rather scarce. Hence, this ‘Cherchez le Chercheur’ series presents photographs which focus on one essential element of the fieldwork setting: the researcher himself.

The following pictures stem from my fieldwork project carried out in Kyebi (Akyem Abuakwa, Eastern Region/Ghana) in 2002. >>continue

(via ethno::log)


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'Degrees for sale' at UK universities

The Observer

Cash-strapped British universities are awarding degrees to students who should be failed, in return for lucrative fees, The Observer can reveal. The 'degrees-for-sale' scandal stretches from the most prestigious institutions to the former polytechnics and includes undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, foreign and home students. In the most extreme case, The Observer has evidence of a professor ordering staff to mark up students at risk of failing in order to keep the money coming in.

At Swansea, the government's University Visitor, Phillip Havers QC, is conducting an investigation into why the vice-chancellor had ordered the closure of five traditional departments - chemistry, anthropology, sociology, philosophy and development studies. Staff believe the decision has been made to boost the numbers of foreign students coming to study at the university's new management school on lucrative masters' degrees >>continue


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Unknown Traditions: Tomatoe fights in Malta

Today, the inhabitatants of a village in Malta have descended into a field close to Dahlet Qorrot Bay for a massive tomato fight. For two hours, two teams will hurl huge amounts of ripe tomatoes at each other. This tradition was borrowed from Spain, and the newspaper Malta Today raises the question how ‘right’ is it for traditions to be borrowed. Anthropologist Ranier Fsadni answers. Read more in >>Malta Today


The Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico and Fishing in the Solomon Islands

Nordic Anthropological Film Association (NAFA)

Explore the Chea-villagers' traditional "Kuarao"-fishing in the Solomon Islands - in an interactive presentation based on professor Edvard Hviding and SOTFilm a/s filmproject "Chea's Great Kuarao" (1996).

We also have an interactive presentation of The Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico, based on films made by Frode Storaas. >>continue

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