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Terror in France and ISIS' Revolution: Anthropologists try to see the whole picture

After the deadly terror attack in France, people in the West have gotten a chance to get a glimpse of the fear that people in less priviledged countries that are bombed by the West. In theory there is a slight possibility for some kind of solidarity or… more »


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What the burial of a 4 year old boy says about daily life more than 24 000 years ago is mainly about social anthropology. To broaden our perspective, here is an archaeology paper that Lukas Loeb sent me. Loeb is currently a student in the Social Science and Economy Department at the University of Agder, Norway. The… more »


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Guardian sends anthropologist on fieldwork among bankers in London

Can you make a complex subject like the world of finance accessible to outsiders? What about sending an anthropologist into the world of bankers in London’s financial district and let him blog his findings? That’s the new project of the G… more »


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UK Riots: Let's talk about class and oppressive states

The notion that there is democracy in the West, while there is none in the “rest” might be one of the most powerful and dangerous myths of our time. In reality, democracy is a contested concept everywhere in the world, not only in Egypt or Tunesia, but also in Britain. more »


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"How can I contribute to a better world?" Anthropologists on the Oslo terror attacks - an update

Many new comments by anthropologists have appeared since my first post on the terror attack in Oslo. Here is a quick overview more »


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Terror in Oslo: Who cares about Christian right wing extremism?

While politicians and social scientists have directed all their attention towards "islamist" terror groups, right-wing extremist milieus were able to grow unnoticed.Memorial Art. Photo: Agnar Kaarbø, flickr (draft) Oslo like a war zone,… more »


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Criticizes "scholarly and political indifference toward the workers’ lives"

Mass media and intellectuals have typically portrayed them as aggressive, uneducated, and morally spoiled. In his recent book, anthropologist David A. Kideckel challenges these views and lets the Romanian working class speak for themselves. "Most eas… more »


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Global apartheid: Are you expat or immigrant? (updated)

What comes into your mind, reading the following lines?"We tend to gather in certain locales (cities, sometimes specific neighbourhoods); we frequent particular businesses - some of the services being unique to our community; we have dedicated media,… more »

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