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Journal of Business Anthropology: Open Access and "Without Jargon"

“Please write for us, but write in plain English!” The new Journal of Business Anthropology (JBA) does not only provide open access to all articles. It demonstrates that open access should mean more: What’s the point with free access… more »


The end of one-way communication - Anthropologists help news providers and advertisers

For the second time, Associated Press has engaged anthropologists in order to improve its services. The first research project, conducted by Context-Based Research Group, revealed that people - contrary to what AP believed - wanted more breadth and dept… more »


What is good applied anthropology?

Most anthropologists work outside the university where they don't enjoy academic freedom. These anthropologists must be better prepared for the perils of non-academic applied work, Brian McKenna writes in Counterpunch. For good applied anthropology is be… more »


Used anthropology to predict the financial crisis

She spent a year in Tajikistan during her PhD, looking after goats. Two years ago, she predicted the current financial crisis. "I happen to think anthropology is a brilliant background for looking at finance," anthropologist Gillian Tett, assistant edito… more »


Motorola anthropologists develop social TV

Some years ago, the researchers observed how people talked on the phone while watching the same TV show. Now Motorola-anthropologist Crysta Metcalf and her team are designing a Social TV, the Chicago Tribune reports. The researchers designed a prototy… more »


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How to get more young readers? Associated Press turns to anthropologists

The number of young newspaper readers is declining. In order to better understand the behaviors of young readers, Associated Press commissioned a team of anthropologists to follow 18 young individuals around the world and examine their media habits, the… more »


Why the head of IT should be an anthropologist

(via Bits and Bytes) The true value of IT will come not from information or technology per se but from the social side. Therefore anthropologists and other social scientists will become more important to Information Technology (IT) Departments than IT it… more »


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Anthropologist: Investors need to understand the tribal nature of banking culture

Can anthropology help us to understand the current Wall Street crisis? Of course. Anthropologist Gillian Tett is an assistant editor of the Financial Times. "It is undoubtedly an unusual background for a financial journalist", she writes: Indeed, whe… more »

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