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– Use Anthropology to Build A Human Economy

Book launch in the House of Literature (Litteraturhuset) in Oslo with Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Keith Hart and Desmond McNeill. Photo: Lorenz KhazalehAnthropologists, sociologists, philosophers, economics and activists have come together and written a… more »


The end of one-way communication - Anthropologists help news providers and advertisers

For the second time, Associated Press has engaged anthropologists in order to improve its services. The first research project, conducted by Context-Based Research Group, revealed that people - contrary to what AP believed - wanted more breadth and dept… more »


Exploring the honor culture of social media

How can businesses profit from social media? How does social media challenge what is regarded as "value" in the business world? Anthropologist Lene Pettersen discusses these and other questions in her paper "The impact of social media for business". L… more »


Online: New book on the cultural significance of Free Software

How has Free Software transformed not only software, but also music, film, science, and education? Anthropologist and Savage Minds blogger Christopher M. Kelty explores this question in his new book "Two bits" that now is "available for purchase, for do… more »


Why were they doing this work just to give it away for free? Thesis on Ubuntu Linux hackers

It all started when anthropologist Andreas Lloyd (University of Copenhagen) was browsing on the Internet looking for a new laptop computer and ended up installing the free Windows alternative Linux. Two years later, he finished his master thesis "A syst… more »


Welcome to the 21st Century - or: Social sciences software licence madness

(via anthronaut) Cyberanthropologist Alexander Knorr has written a brilliant comment on "social sciences software licence madness". Provoked by an entry at ethno::log about a text analysis software for social scientists with an extremly restrictive licen… more »


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Tsunami and Internet: Social Tools - Ripples to Waves of the Future

Anthropologist Dina Mehta Today, I believe that no crisis on this scale or magnitude will ever be handled again without sms, blogs, and wikis. That social tools will become a natural extension of rapid adaptation to chaotic conditions. While tradition… more »


The Internet Gift Culture

Cultures of Exchange and Gift economies are traditional anthropological topics. Famous are the Kula exchange in Melanesia, the Potlatch in Northwestern America, the Moka and often cited books are among others Marcel Mauss: The Gift and Karl Polanyi, The… more »

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