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The last days of cheap oil and what anthropologists can do about it

Oil is vital to our growth economy. Yet, our need for continued access to fossil fuels drives many of today's conflicts. And we are in the last days of cheap oil and need alternatives. In his guest editorial in the new issue of Anthropology Today (subsc… more »


What anthropologists can do about the decline in world food supply

The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) warns ominously of an ‘unforeseen and unprecedented’ decline in world food supply. Anthropologists should contribute their expertise and knowledge to this emerging problem, Solomon H. Katz writes in the curr… more »


Ethnobotany in Britain: Anthropologists study social networks around plants

Ethnobotany in not only about "exotic" plants in the rain forest: "The ethnobotany of British home gardens: diversity, knowledge and exchange" is the title of a new research project at the Department of Anthropology at the University of Kent. Among other… more »


Thesis: How does EU influence the life of farmers in Finland?

Why see uncertainty caused by social change as a hindering aspect of human experience, instead of an enabling one? In her thesis Good Lives, Hidden Miseries: An Ethnography of Uncertainty in a Finnish Village, anthropologist Susanne Ådahl from the Univer… more »


France: More and more muslims observe Ramadan

Ramadan is being increasingly observed by France's Muslim community - but also for a few French non-Muslims, afp reports. "I do it sometimes to show my support for my Muslim friends," said Lorie, a schoolgirl in the eastern suburb of Montreuil. The tr… more »


Food and Religion: New issue of Anthropology of Food

Anthropology of Food is one of the few anthropological Open Access Journals. In their new edition, we'll find five articles on food and religion in English (two in French), among them: Michelle Lelwica: Redefining Womanhood (?): Gender, Power, and the… more »


Brewing Cultures: Craft Beer and Cultural Identity

By studying beer cultures, you may learn lot about identity. In the United States, German-American identity is rarely marked. But given the association between Germany and beer, craft beer allows for the active negotiation of German-American identity, an… more »


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Anthropologist: "The proper way of eating is with a spoon and a fork"

A Montreal newspaper story has rapidly sent Filipino tempers rising around the world. Luc Cagadoc, a 7-year-old pupil, was punished by a lunchtime day-care monitor: “You are in Canada. Here in Canada you should eat the way Canadians eat,” the Quebecois e… more »

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