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Dissertation: Why kids embrace Facebook and MySpace

After 30 months ethnographic fieldwork on Facebook, MySpace and other social networking sites, danah boyd has finally completed her PhD-thesis and put it online. Although she is no anthropologist, she seems to have worked like an anthropologist. Her thes… more »


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Dissertation: Sexualisation of childhood?

Tight jeans and short tops for seven year-old girls? When anthropologist Mari Rysst was out shopping clothes for her then seven year-old daughter she - to her dismay - mostly found clothes which imitated the teenage look. Seven years later she published… more »


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The anthropology of children, war and violence

What impact has war on children? What has anthropology to say on this? This autumn I watched the movie "Buddha collapsed out of shame" by the Iranian film maker Hana Makhmalbaf. It tells the story of children who reproduce the violence of the adults. For… more »


Ethnographic Study: Social Websites Important For Childhood Development

Many adults worry that children are wasting time online, texting, or playing video games. In the first in-depth ethnographic study of its kind, researchers of the Digital Youth Project found that the digital world is creating new opportunities for youth… more »


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Reggae, Punk and Death Metal: An Ethnography from the unknown Bali

"This is a break from the norm of writing about Bali", writes Laura Noszlopy enthusiastically about a new book by anthropologist Emma Baulch called "Making scenes: reggae, punk, and death metal in 1990s Bali". In 1996, Emma Baulch went to live in Bal… more »


Thesis: The limits of youth activism in Afghanistan

What possiblities have Afghan youth to rebuild their country and to work for a better future? Which constraints do they meet? Anthropologist Elisabet Eik√•s has been on fieldwork among young people in Kabul from October 2003 to June 2004. The result is… more »


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Researched the sexual revolution in Iran

Girls wear makeup, go with their hair uncovered, drink, have boyfriends and premarital sex: For seven years, anthropologist Pardis Mahdavi has studied the sexual revolution in Iran, the Ventura Country Star reports. Those actions could have brought ha… more »


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How to get more young readers? Associated Press turns to anthropologists

The number of young newspaper readers is declining. In order to better understand the behaviors of young readers, Associated Press commissioned a team of anthropologists to follow 18 young individuals around the world and examine their media habits, the… more »

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