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- Highlight the connections between people!

It happened already around 200 years ago: Aboriginal Australians marry Indians. Afghan cameleers open up the interior of Australia for transport and development. Indian seamen fight for Indonesian independence. And long before Australia was colonised by… more »


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Polynesian Tattoos and Public Anthropology

Public anthropology does exist. There are lots of anthropologists who write for the wider public and not only for other anthronerds. Here's another example: The Polynesian Tattoo Today by Tricia Allen, doctoral candidate in anthropology at the university… more »


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Thesis: Hijab empowers women

What is it like being veiled and working in Australian companies? Anthropologist Siham Ouazzif sent me her thesis "Veiled Muslim Women in Australian Public Space: How do Veiled Women Express their Presence and Interact in the Workplace?" Siham Ouazz… more »


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"Dreamtime" no longer an acceptable term

The West Australian and South Australian education departments have made lists of appropriate and inappropriate words to describe Aboriginal people and culture, The Australian reports.- Dreamtime is no longer an acceptable term to describe the collec… more »


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"Putting Aboriginal languages on the curriculum has improved 'race' relations"

He's not an aboriginal Australian. Nevertheless he has to learn the local indigenous language. He and many other children say it's fun. Teachers, parents and linguists say it is improving self-esteem, literacy and school attendance, rescuing indigenous l… more »


Paternalistic anthropology

Quote from an article about tourism in Papua New Guinea (reads more like advertising, though): Tourism is good for PNG," asserts Dr Nancy Sullivan, a Madang-based anthropologist with an abiding affection for Papua New Guineans. "It brings much-needed… more »


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"The Maori ethnopolitical movement threatens democracy"

"The ethnopolitical Maori-Pakeha movement in New Zealand is subverting democracy, erecting ethnic boundaries between Maori and non-Maori and promoting a cultural elite within Maoridom", Elizabeth Rata claims. She has just published her second book, "Publ… more »


"Good story about cannibals. Pity it's not even close to the truth"

Great commentary (and a good example of engaged anthropology) by anthropologist Sarah Hewat about a recent TV story on Wa Wa, a Korowai boy in Papua, who should be "rescued" from "cannibals". Hewat says, the journalists should have read some work by ant… more »

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