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Minority scholars treated as second class academics: Still a racial bias in anthropology

In a blog post at AnthroNow, Manissa McCleave Maharawal draws our attention to an important article in the American Anthropologist that was already published in november 2011: Anthropology as White Public Space? Here, Karen Brodkin, Sandra Morgen, an… more »


Updated overview over anthropology blogs and their newest posts

Nearly every hour an anthropologist somewhere on this planet publishes a blog post in English. The overviews over the newest blog posts in English are now updated with several new blogs. I’ve also removed some blogs that haven&#821… more »


Fighting stigma and police brutality with theater - Anthrofilm needs support

Pioneer anthropology blogger and one of the founders of Savage Minds, Kerim Friedman has together with Shashwati Talukdar made a film about young Chhara actors who are using theater to fight the stigma of criminality and police brutality. [video:vime… more »


Thesis: Neoliberal policies, urban segregation and the Egyptian revolution

While Cairo’s slum areas are growing, the richest layer of the society is enjoying a luxury life in privately guarded communities in safe distance from the lower classes. Hosni Mubarak’s neoliberal dream of segregation seems to have come true… more »


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Saba Mahmood: Democracy is not enough - Anthropologists on the Arab revolution part II

While the revolutions in Northern Africa and the Middle East are spreading and the Libyan people managed to get rid of another dictator, anthropologists continue to comment the recent events. Here is a short overview. Much has been said about who or… more »


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Paperless underclass exposes dark side of Europe

"All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights." These noble words in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights might be true in some distant part on this planet, but certainly not in Europe. more »


Human Planet: Ambitious BBC "anthropology" multi media project launched

The Dictionary of Man: Will Bob Geldof and the BBC reproduce racist anthropology? was the title of a (rather sceptical) post back in 2007. Now this ambitious project, four years ago described as "the largest ever living record of films, photographs, anth… more »


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Researching in "non-prestigious areas" - Robert Paine 1926-2010

(via anthropologyworks) British-Canadian anthropologist Robert Paine died at the age of 84. Eveybody who's interested in the Northern and Polar areas will know his name. He sent his most recent article for publication just weeks ago. Last year his… more »

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