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The world's only anthropology professor of indie music?

Arctic Monkeys @ Explanda del Estadio Azteca. Photo: monophonic.grrrl / Mariel A. M., flickr “Ask the indie professor” is the name of a new series in the Guardian. The indie professor in question is Wendy Fonarow. At a music festival she… more »


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”Eurovision produces a new form of unity”

”The Eurovision Song Contest is torture to my ears”, was one of my recent Facebook status messages. But as I learnt, the mega event is not primarily about music, it’s a ritual, a transnational social event that connects people and that - according to a r… more »


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Hindi Film Songs and the Barriers between Ethnomusicology and Anthropology

----Review: Hindi Film Songs and the Cinema by Anna Morcom 2007, Ashgate, ISBN 978-0-7546-5198-7Tereza Kuldova, Research Fellow, Museum of Cultural History, Department of Ethnography University of Oslo[video:youtube:6B1I56Q4swE]Popular mu… more »


Interview: Meet Dai Cooper from The Anthropology Song!

Dai Cooper's Anthropology Song has fascinated people all over the world. Around 10 000 people have seen the video on YouTube so far, it was sent around via facebook, twitter, mailing lists, and was already shown in many anthropology classes. Maybe nobody… more »


Oral history, folk music and more: British Library puts vast sound archive online

Wow! Overwhelming! The British Library has made more than 23 000 sound recordings from all over the world freely available to everyone at "World and traditional music", "oral history", "accents and dialects", "environment and natu… more »


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Reggae, Punk and Death Metal: An Ethnography from the unknown Bali

"This is a break from the norm of writing about Bali", writes Laura Noszlopy enthusiastically about a new book by anthropologist Emma Baulch called "Making scenes: reggae, punk, and death metal in 1990s Bali". In 1996, Emma Baulch went to live in Bal… more »


Ainu in Japan: Cool to be indigenous

Better times for the Ainu in Japan? There is an "revival of ethnic pride" going on in Japan according to ap. At the forefront are the Ainu Rebels (image). They use music and dance to rebel against a history of institutionalized discrimination. They c… more »


Anthropologist explores heavy metal in Asia, South America and the Middle East

In 2005 his movie Metal - A Headbanger's journey took the world with storm. Now anthropologist and metal musician Sam Dunn has released "Global Metal" - a film about the global expansion of heavy metal music. Together with his co-director Scot McFayde… more »

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