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Headhunting as expression of indigenousness

Anthropologists often criticize mainstream media for exoticizing people. But in Borneo you'll find indigenous people who promote themselves as headhunters and are proud of it. The journal Cultural Analysis has recently received a prize in the Sav… more »


Anthropology and tourism: Conference papers are online

Have they forgotten to password protect the papers? Last year, you needed a password to open the papers of the ASA conference Anthropology and Cosmopolitaism. This year's papers are freely accessible to everybody- good news! A step towards Open Access An… more »


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How do low-cost airlines influence how people and money travel?

The International Herald Tribune writes about how European low-cost airlines "are drawing a new map of how people and money travel in Europe". An example: Andrzej Majewski, a Pole who works as a thoracic surgeon in Britain, catches a ride to the airpo… more »


Thesis: Conservation for Whom? Telling Good Lies in the Development of Central Kalahari

Anna Stadler from Link√∂ping University, Department of Anthropology (Sweden) has conducted a study of the relocation of the G//ana and G/wi San from the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana. Her essay discusses how conservation policies, development… more »


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Mining and tourism more important: Bushmen forcibly removed from Central Kalahari

(via Savage Minds) All but a few of the Bushmen living in Botswana's Central Kalahari Game Reserve have been forcibly removed from their homes in recent days in what spokesmen for the affected communities said is a final push by the government to end hum… more »


The Anthropologist as Barman - Durham Anthropology Journal fulltext online

Adam R. Kaul, Durham Anthropology Journal My doctoral research looks at the way in which tourism is changing and interacting with the performance and meaning of traditional Irish music. I carried out over 14 months of fieldwork in a small, rural Irish… more »

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