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Floods in Pakistan: On silent anthropologists and real heroes

Photo: Giro555 / Samenwerkende Hulporganisaties, flickrAnthropologists follow media's and politicians footsteps: They care less about the floods i Pakistan than for the Tsunami in Southeast Asia, the Katrina floods in the USA and the earthquake in H… more »


For more anthropology of climate change

In the recent issue of Imponderabilia Heid Jerstad critizes the lack of anthropological research on climate change. Climate change is only present on the margins of anthropological research, Jerstad claims. A similar critique was formulated by Simon Batt… more »


Why Siberian nomads cope so well with climate change

The tundra ecosystems in Siberia are vulnerable to both climate change and oil/gass drilling. Yet the Yamal-Nenets in West Siberia have shown remarkable resilience to these changes. "Free access to open space has been the key for success" says Bruce For… more »


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Earth Hour - The first globalized ritual?

I have to confess I have an ambivalent relation to initiatives like the Earth Hour. But anthropologist Stephen Bede Scharper casts an interesting perspective on this new way to save our planet. He describes Earth Hour as "the first globalized ritual"… more »


Why we need more disaster anthropology

On the 5th of December 2006, typhoon Durian hit Bến Tre province in Southern Vietnam. Close to 100 people died, more than 800 moored fishing boats sank, thousands of buildings collapsed including schools and hospitals. In her master's thesis, Uy N… more »


"Untouched" Amazone hosted large cities - a model for the future?

The myth of the "untouched" Amazone is popular. But areas that look pristine today have been the home of large urban areas, anthropologist Michael Heckenberger has found out already five years ago. In a new paper that was published today in Science h… more »


The last days of cheap oil and what anthropologists can do about it

Oil is vital to our growth economy. Yet, our need for continued access to fossil fuels drives many of today's conflicts. And we are in the last days of cheap oil and need alternatives. In his guest editorial in the new issue of Anthropology Today (subsc… more »


Ethnobotany in Britain: Anthropologists study social networks around plants

Ethnobotany in not only about "exotic" plants in the rain forest: "The ethnobotany of British home gardens: diversity, knowledge and exchange" is the title of a new research project at the Department of Anthropology at the University of Kent. Among other… more »

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