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Why are academic articles so expensive?

30 US Dollars in order to read a single academic article? Why? Is it about making money? No. “The high price is designed to maintain the barrier between academia and the outside world. Paywalls codify and commodify tacit elitism”, writes anthropologist Sarah Kendzior in Al Jazeera. more »


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Teenthropologist: Reasons for studying anthropology instead of medicine

“At the age of 18, why do I want to settle down and commit myself to Medicine when I can really investigate for example why there are health differences between the different classes and areas in Britain?” Teenthropologist is the name of… more »


The need for more spectacle in academic presentations: What anthropologists can learn from wrestlers

Now, only a few days before the largest gathering of anthropologists in the world, it’s time to take up again the banner of the well-prepared, well-written, well-presented conference paper, writes Rex in his post Defending the form at Savage Minds… more »


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Being radical critical without being leftist: Interview with Nancy Scheper-Hughes Part 1/3 contributor Aleksandra Bartoszko has recently met medical anthropologist Nancy Scheper-Hughes. In an interview in three parts, she talks with her about the neo-cannibalism of the global organ trade, about her forthcoming book, an anthrop… more »


(updated) The dubious behaviour of Western researchers sightseeing the “Arab Spring”

Egyptian sociologist Mona Abaza has written an interesting article about “growing inequalities” between researchers from the Middle East and the West. “While the Arab Spring has enhanced global interest in the Arab world, local aca… more »


Visions of Students Today - More Digital Ethnography

Michael Wesch and his Digital Ethnography Research Team of 2011 has released Visions of Students Today: an exciting “video collage” about student life created by students themselves. The collage consists of a large number of vidoes that can be watche… more »


Anthropology and the challenges of sharing knowledge online: Interview with Owen Wiltshire

What's the point of science when the public lacks access to it and researchjers hide in their ivory towers? The internet provides new ways for researchers and the public to exchange knowledge. How do antropologists make use of blogging, Facebook, YouTube… more »


How racist is American anthropology?

Why does anthropology tend to focus on "exotic others"? Why this obsession with Africa? How come calls by well-known anthropologists such as Paul Rabinow to "anthropologize the West not brought forth much fruit? How racist is American anthropology?Ke… more »

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