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The Anthropological Comic Book - an alternative way of reaching the audience

attract attention of people who were “fed up with all these reports” on the multicultural environment, integration, exclusion and inclusion. So we decided to present our findings with a twist. We decided to make an anthropological comic book.The Anth… more »


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Polynesian Tattoos and Public Anthropology

Public anthropology does exist. There are lots of anthropologists who write for the wider public and not only for other anthronerds. Here's another example: The Polynesian Tattoo Today by Tricia Allen, doctoral candidate in anthropology at the university… more »


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What anthropologists and artists have in common

In the new issue of American Ethnography, we'll find these words by anthropologist Martin Hoyem: Artists, like ethnographers, train their eyes to see things other people don't see. They try to present what they see so that we, the audience, can glimp… more »


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"A new interdisciplinary approach to the perception of art"

When, why and how are individuals moved by a piece of art in a museum or gallery? How can art change people's lives? Anthropologist Sandra Dudley, and neuroscientist Rodrigo Quian Quiroga will develop a new, interdisciplinary approach to the perception… more »


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Manga instead of scientific paper: How art enriches anthropology

"Anthropologist creates oceanic manga fantasy" is the headline of a story in The Daily Yomiuri Shimbun (Japanese newspaper). "I want to portray in manga what I gained from field investigation, but cannot fully express in scientific papers," anthropologis… more »


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Connecting Art and Anthropology

What happens when artists and anthropologists are asked to do something together rather than talk from the safety of their own practice? The result can be seen on the website Connecting Art & Anthropology: Transcripts of discussions, short reports, a… more »


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"A unique art form" - Anthropological Research on Anime

An old drawing style in Japan is being reintroduced as new in the United States, and USC anthropology research scientist Mizuko Ito presented the development of Anime at the UCLA Faculty Center, UCLA University writes on their homepage. Academics should… more »


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The Smithsonian Institution starts blogging

(via vrulje) Museums start blogging! It's called Eye Level and is the Smithsonian American Art Museum's blog and according their self-description "the first blog by the Smithsonian and one of just a handful of museum sites in the blogosphere". Their h… more »

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