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Where shamans understand colonialism as sickness

"I am here to save the people, to cure the people. In the city they are all sick, they are all domesticated. The shaman has to go together with disease." Anthropologist Anders Burman talks to Don Carlos, an Aymara shaman in Bolivia. According to D… more »


In Norwegian TV: Indian tribe paid to go naked to appear more primitive

(Norwegian version) In the reality program ┬źDen store reisen┬╗ (Ticket to the tribes), a Norwegian family moved in with Waorani-indians in Banemo, Ecuador. The TV-pictures show people who go naked and live "primitively". What the TVstation NRK fails to me… more »


How gaming wealth is reviving American Indian traditions

Gaming is big business for many Native American tribes. For the Seminole tribe in Florida, gaming wealth enabled them to revive traditions and celebrate their culture in previously unimaginable ways, anthropologist Jessica R. Cattelino writes in her new… more »


"Untouched" Amazone hosted large cities - a model for the future?

The myth of the "untouched" Amazone is popular. But areas that look pristine today have been the home of large urban areas, anthropologist Michael Heckenberger has found out already five years ago. In a new paper that was published today in Science h… more »


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Native American Tribe Allows Gay Marriage

Gay marriage is banned in Oregon and the most states in the U.S. But if you are gay and Native Indian you are lucky: The Coquille Indian Tribe on the southern Oregon coast recently adopted a law that recognizes same-sex marriage. The law extends to g… more »


"Tribal wives" - Pseudo-anthropology by BBC?

The BBC has sent six British women to be "second wives" to so-called "tribesmen" in - according to the BBC "some of the world's most remote communities". "Any anthropologist feels pleased when the hidden peoples of the world get a chance to appear on tel… more »


The Double Standards of the "Uncontacted Tribes" Circus

The story of the so-called "uncontacted tribes" in the Amazon has made its way around the world (even to Norway!). At the same time, there is a complete lack of interest in the story of indigenous people being publicly humiliated in Bolivia, the CultureM… more »


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Discovered the first-ever linguistic link between Siberia and Canada

While studying an ancient language now spoken by only a few hundred people in a remote corner of Siberia, linguist Edward Vajda has found the first-ever linguistic link between the Old World and any First Nation in Canada, the Ottawa Citizen reports. "T… more »

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