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"This is anthropology": Students enlighten "We don't need anthropology"- Govenor

Anthropologists should send a thank you to the Govenor of Florida, Rick Scott, who a few days ago in a radio show said “We don’t need anthropologists in the state”. We don’t need a lot more anthropologists in the state. It’s a gr… more »


Do they really need our "help"? New Anthropology Matters is out

What kinds of theoretical insights have emerged from the anthropology of development? What can anthropologists learn from development work? Anthropology Through Development: Putting Development Practice into Theory is the topic of the new issue of the op… more »


The end of one-way communication - Anthropologists help news providers and advertisers

For the second time, Associated Press has engaged anthropologists in order to improve its services. The first research project, conducted by Context-Based Research Group, revealed that people - contrary to what AP believed - wanted more breadth and dept… more »


Haiti Earthquake: Worldwide solidarity, a common humanity? (updated)

(Hatiain Children up in the mountains. Image: Matt Dringenberg, flickr) (post in progress) "Anthropology to me is all about human connexions, about a common humanity", said Dai Cooper from the Anthropology Song. "B… more »


Exploring the honor culture of social media

How can businesses profit from social media? How does social media challenge what is regarded as "value" in the business world? Anthropologist Lene Pettersen discusses these and other questions in her paper "The impact of social media for business". L… more »


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When should anthropologists work for the military?

The debate on anthropology and the military is extremly polarized. Mats Utas, Head of the Africa Programme at the Swedish National Defence College, has written an interesting article where he challenges both sides. Among other things, he shows that there… more »


Militarisation of Research: Meet the Centre for Studies in Islamism and Radicalisation

We have discussed a lot about the strengthening ties between the military and universities in the USA and Britain, but similar things are happening in Scandinavia. And there is no public debate about it here. One example is a research center that was… more »


Military Anthropology, HIV and the Engaged University: SfAA Podcasts online

Their first set of conference podcasts in 2007 was a huge success. Now, Jen Cardew and her team published a large number of new recordings from the 2009 conference of the Society of Applied Anthropology. It seems to have a been an interesting conferen… more »

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