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Anthropologists on deported migrants, unusual bureaucrats, and the thriving solidarity economy in Greece

While I am trying to get back into the blogging business, here three selected pieces that I've written recently for the University of Oslo. Two of them are accounts on somehow positive change that is happening. Many anthropologists have contribu… more »


– Use Anthropology to Build A Human Economy

Book launch in the House of Literature (Litteraturhuset) in Oslo with Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Keith Hart and Desmond McNeill. Photo: Lorenz KhazalehAnthropologists, sociologists, philosophers, economics and activists have come together and written a… more »


Do they really need our "help"? New Anthropology Matters is out

What kinds of theoretical insights have emerged from the anthropology of development? What can anthropologists learn from development work? Anthropology Through Development: Putting Development Practice into Theory is the topic of the new issue of the op… more »


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Floods in Pakistan: On silent anthropologists and real heroes

Photo: Giro555 / Samenwerkende Hulporganisaties, flickrAnthropologists follow media's and politicians footsteps: They care less about the floods i Pakistan than for the Tsunami in Southeast Asia, the Katrina floods in the USA and the earthquake in H… more »


Haiti Earthquake: Worldwide solidarity, a common humanity? (updated)

(Hatiain Children up in the mountains. Image: Matt Dringenberg, flickr) (post in progress) "Anthropology to me is all about human connexions, about a common humanity", said Dai Cooper from the Anthropology Song. "B… more »


Financial crisis: Anthropologists lead mass demonstration against G20 summit

(Update: Chris Knight suspended over G20-activism) The G20 summit in London next month may be marked by one of the biggest demonstrations since a million people marched against war in Iraq in 2003. According to The Sunday Telegraph, the demonstrations ar… more »


Why we need more disaster anthropology

On the 5th of December 2006, typhoon Durian hit Bến Tre province in Southern Vietnam. Close to 100 people died, more than 800 moored fishing boats sank, thousands of buildings collapsed including schools and hospitals. In her master's thesis, Uy N… more »


Anthropological activism in Pakistan with lullabies

A few days ago, Pakistani anthropologist Samar Minallah lauched a "video song", a tribute to little girls in all the regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan where schools are being destroyed, depriving girls of their right to education, The News reports.… more »

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