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Anthropologist: "Stop the abuse of migrants at the U.S. - Mexican boder!"

They beat children and adults during apprehensions and in custody, they deny people with life-threatening medical conditions treatment, separate family members and confiscate their belongings. “We were held with another woman who was coughing so bad… more »


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"Similar to the Third World debt crisis" - David Graeber on 'Occupy Wall Street'

While the Guardian is sending an anthropologist on fieldwork among bankers to give us insight in the destructive culture of finance, thousands of people in New York are occupying the Wall Street, “the financial Gomorrah of America” and &#8220… more »


Deadly migration: The ignored health crisis on the US-Mexican border

A multi-dimensional public health crisis is unfolding on the U.S.-Mexico border that few seem ready to acknowledge, anthropologists Rachel Stonecipher & Sarah Willen write on the Access Denied blog. The complexity of this crisis came to light dur… more »


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Anthropologists: "It's time to kill the Osama bin Laden myths"

(draft, post in progress) It's not the first time that Osama Bin Laden has died. Nevertheless, the Western political leaders, even European leaders who were supposed to oppose death penalty, are celebrating the killing of Bin Laden, and the frontpages of… more »


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Global apartheid: Are you expat or immigrant? (updated)

What comes into your mind, reading the following lines?"We tend to gather in certain locales (cities, sometimes specific neighbourhoods); we frequent particular businesses - some of the services being unique to our community; we have dedicated media,… more »


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"A wonderful development" - Anthropologists on the Egypt Uprising (updated 6.2.)

(in progress) "The government would come down hard on even the smallest protest, and everyone would be arrested. Now, it’s as if the people are saying,  ‘We’re not going to be afraid anymore.’ “I am very, very happy for the Egyptian people. I… more »


How racist is American anthropology?

Why does anthropology tend to focus on "exotic others"? Why this obsession with Africa? How come calls by well-known anthropologists such as Paul Rabinow to "anthropologize the West not brought forth much fruit? How racist is American anthropology?Ke… more »


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"Human smugglers fight global apartheid"

High-tech border between USA and Mexico. Photo: Paul Garland, flickr The limitation of people’s freedom of movement based on their nationality (“global apartheid”) is maybe one of the biggest human rights issues nowadays. One m… more »

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