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What the life of a pair of flip-flops can teach us about migration, inequality and studying up

Photo: Cíntia Regina, flickr During the recent (nearly) two years, I've been interviewing researchers that are part of the research project Overheating. The three crises of globalisation: An anthropological history of the early 21st century at the Univ… more »


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Interview: "Researching fashion means researching inequalities"

Anthropologist Tereza Kuldova, author of many book reviews here on has recently defended her PhD-thesis Designing Elites: Fashion and Prestige in Urban North India". Now she has turned her thesis into a museum exhibition and an edited volume called Fashion India. Spectacular Capitalism. Researching fashion means researching society and economic systems at large, she explains in this interview. In her case studying fashion means especially studying inequalities more »


Fighting stigma and police brutality with theater - Anthrofilm needs support

Pioneer anthropology blogger and one of the founders of Savage Minds, Kerim Friedman has together with Shashwati Talukdar made a film about young Chhara actors who are using theater to fight the stigma of criminality and police brutality. [video:vime… more »


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Anthropologists and stereotypes about Libya and Japan

Two friends, same culture: Berlusconi and Gaddafi. Photo: Derek Visser, flickr(draft) Have you tried googling "Japan" "earthquake" and "no looting"? Or "Libya" and "tribes"? It's no big surprise to see stereotypical representations of other people in… more »


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Floods in Pakistan: On silent anthropologists and real heroes

Photo: Giro555 / Samenwerkende Hulporganisaties, flickrAnthropologists follow media's and politicians footsteps: They care less about the floods i Pakistan than for the Tsunami in Southeast Asia, the Katrina floods in the USA and the earthquake in H… more »


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Book review: The deep footprints of colonial Bombay’s main book reviewer Tereza Kuldova has read another book for us.“One wonders how little has changed”, she writes in her review of the book The Making of an Indian Metropolis: Colonial Governance and Public Culture… more »


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The return of colonial anthropology?

“A dysfunctional ethnic and tribal brawl has been the norm in Afghanistan for centuries. Afghanistan is a mess. ” Who said that? A frustrated U.S. military officer? No, a professor of anthropology, Robert L. Moore. In his article Tribes, Corruption Ai… more »


Thesis: That's why there is peace

The Rumi Darwaza ("the Turkish Gate") in Lucknow. Foto: Himalayan Trails / Rajesh, flickr Why are some areas of this world more peaceful than others? In her master’s thesis Networks That Make A Difference, anthropologist Tereza Kuldova explai… more »

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