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Motorola anthropologists develop social TV

Some years ago, the researchers observed how people talked on the phone while watching the same TV show. Now Motorola-anthropologist Crysta Metcalf and her team are designing a Social TV, the Chicago Tribune reports. The researchers designed a prototy… more »


Why the head of IT should be an anthropologist

(via Bits and Bytes) The true value of IT will come not from information or technology per se but from the social side. Therefore anthropologists and other social scientists will become more important to Information Technology (IT) Departments than IT it… more »


How anthropological research can reduce the paper usage in offices

Another example of anthropologists in product development: As a consequence of anthropological research, Xerox is developing a new kind of paper where the printed information simply disappears within about 16 hours, allowing the paper to be reused. W… more »


Timo Veikkola - The Anthropologist as Future Specialist

Things are changing: See how an anthropologist is introduced in this story: "As many anthropologists these days he holds a strategic position inside a global corporation." Juliana Xavier writes about Timo Veikkola - anthropologist at Nokia. His jobtitle:… more »


Eight anthropology careers: Life outside the university

Where do anthropologists work outside the university? And how do you get a relevant job? Andreas Lloyd has been at the annual Career day at his old anthropology department (University of Copenhagen) and gives ut a great summary of eight presentations and… more »


Capitalism and the problems of "High speed ethnographies"

"If armchair anthropology was a product of colonialism, then design ethnography is a product of capitalism", writes Anne Galloway, inspired by Jan Chipchase's post on Tour Bus Ethnography: Looking at my travel schedule for the next few months I'm left… more »


An anthropologist at an architecture firm

(via Putting People First) Peter Merholz at writes about an "enjoyable dinner brought together by local members of the anthrodesign mailing list". He was particularly excited talking to an anthropologist who's started working for an architect… more »


INTEL and Microsoft conference "a coming-out party" for ethnography

It's no longer news that high-tech companies are deploying ethnographers and anthropologists. The first-ever Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference (EPIC), organized by ethnographers at Intel and Microsoft was held at Microsoft's campus on November 1… more »

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