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The return of colonial anthropology?

“A dysfunctional ethnic and tribal brawl has been the norm in Afghanistan for centuries. Afghanistan is a mess. ” Who said that? A frustrated U.S. military officer? No, a professor of anthropology, Robert L. Moore. In his article Tribes, Corruption Ai… more »


Anthropologists ignore Open Access Week - a report from Wellington

What's the point of science if it's not publicly accessible? Two weeks ago, the first global Open Access Week was organized. Masters' student in anthropology Karstein Noremark has written a report for about the Open Access Week at Victor… more »


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Correction (and Update): "Army-Anthropologists don't call Afghans "Savages"

My most recent post Army-Anthropologists call Afghans "Savages" received a lot attention, so it might be necessary to write a new post after the debates in the comment field and via email. It seems that the Sydney Morning Herald reporter misunderstoo… more »


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Army-Anthropologists call Afghans "Savages"?

Do you want to know what anthropologists who work for the US military in Afghanistan write about the people America is at war with? I resist to believe it but according to the Syndney Morning Herald they call some Afghan societies for "utter savages".… more »


IUAES-anthropologists "praise" Chinese government's relation to minorities

Chinese authorities continue using the 16th congress by the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES) to spread propaganda. This is the most recent article: Overseas anthropologists: Adventure in Chinese ethnic village "e… more »


Anthropology in China: IUAES-conference boycott due to Uyghur massacre

(UPDATE 27.7.09: Chinese media propaganda at IUAES anthropology conference in Kunming? / UPDATE 30.7: IUAES-anthropologists "praise" Chinese government's relation to minorities ) Last year, the conference was cancelled by the Chinese government for fea… more »


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When should anthropologists work for the military?

The debate on anthropology and the military is extremly polarized. Mats Utas, Head of the Africa Programme at the Swedish National Defence College, has written an interesting article where he challenges both sides. Among other things, he shows that there… more »


Militarisation of Research: Meet the Centre for Studies in Islamism and Radicalisation

We have discussed a lot about the strengthening ties between the military and universities in the USA and Britain, but similar things are happening in Scandinavia. And there is no public debate about it here. One example is a research center that was… more »

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