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The new Anthropology Newspaper and News Ticker

Do you want to get an overview over the most recent anthropology blog posts? The old newsticker did no longer work reliably, so I've created a new one. It is still work in progress, but so far it seems to work well. I tried to make it look more attracti… more »


Two new anthropology blogs from Norway: Thomas Hylland Eriksen and Sindre Bangstad

Lots of new blogs have been started up recently, most of them made it into my overviews, the anthropology blog newspaper and the - I think - more reader-friendly anthropology blog news ticker… more »


When anthropology is begging for attention: PopAnth website launched

Regularily, new initiatives are launched to make anthropological knowledge more accessible to the general public. A few weeks ago, PopAnth was launched - a highly ambitious project that “translates anthropological discoveries for popular consumpti… more »


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Teenthropologist: Reasons for studying anthropology instead of medicine

“At the age of 18, why do I want to settle down and commit myself to Medicine when I can really investigate for example why there are health differences between the different classes and areas in Britain?” Teenthropologist is the name of… more »


Human Planet: Ambitious BBC "anthropology" multi media project launched

The Dictionary of Man: Will Bob Geldof and the BBC reproduce racist anthropology? was the title of a (rather sceptical) post back in 2007. Now this ambitious project, four years ago described as "the largest ever living record of films, photographs, anth… more »


New overview: Discover hidden treasures in open anthropology repositories

Inspired by the relaunch of the anthropology repository Mana'o, I have finally finished a first overview over anthropology repositories.The overview is far from complete and if you know of some more I should know, leave a comment or sent an email. N… more »


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Anthropology and Publicity - new blog (and workshop)

In a new blog called Anthropology & Publicity several authors discuss the reasons for the underexposure of anthropological knowledge and explore ways to improve its dissemination and application in society. The blog is part of a worksshop at the Rad… more »


Looking back at 10 years Public Anthropology online

What is public anthropology? Already in 1999, when he had started his Ph.D project, Martijn de Koning has made his first anthropology website. In a very interesting blog post with many links, he is looking back at 10 years public anthropology online:… more »

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