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Egypt: Open access to online scientific journals, ebooks and encyclopedias for everybody in the whole country

It does not happen often that there a good news from Egypt where I am still living. This news here, although nearly too good to be true, is at least interesting. In January, Egypt is going to launch the Egyptian Knowledge Bank. Anybody with an Egyptian… more »


The new Anthropology Newspaper and News Ticker

Do you want to get an overview over the most recent anthropology blog posts? The old newsticker did no longer work reliably, so I've created a new one. It is still work in progress, but so far it seems to work well. I tried to make it look more attracti… more »


Two new anthropology blogs from Norway: Thomas Hylland Eriksen and Sindre Bangstad

Lots of new blogs have been started up recently, most of them made it into my overviews, the anthropology blog newspaper and the - I think - more reader-friendly anthropology blog news ticker… more »


"Religion in Digital Games": Relaunch of Open Access journal "Online"

New special issue "Religion in Digital Games" - The interdisciplinary open access journal "Online. Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet" has just been relaunched and redesigned. more »


When anthropology is begging for attention: PopAnth website launched

Regularily, new initiatives are launched to make anthropological knowledge more accessible to the general public. A few weeks ago, PopAnth was launched - a highly ambitious project that “translates anthropological discoveries for popular consumpti… more »


Why are academic articles so expensive?

30 US Dollars in order to read a single academic article? Why? Is it about making money? No. “The high price is designed to maintain the barrier between academia and the outside world. Paywalls codify and commodify tacit elitism”, writes anthropologist Sarah Kendzior in Al Jazeera. more »


Journal of Business Anthropology: Open Access and "Without Jargon"

“Please write for us, but write in plain English!” The new Journal of Business Anthropology (JBA) does not only provide open access to all articles. It demonstrates that open access should mean more: What’s the point with free access… more »


Here is the Preview of "Hau. Journal of Ethnographic Theory" - New Open Access Journal

It's Open Access, Copy Left, and Peer Reviewed: Hau. Journal of Ethnographic Theory. Only ten days left, then the first issue will be available online. Yesterday, the preview (=table of contents) of the inaugural issue was posted at http://haujournal.or… more »

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