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What the life of a pair of flip-flops can teach us about migration, inequality and studying up

Photo: Cíntia Regina, flickr During the recent (nearly) two years, I've been interviewing researchers that are part of the research project Overheating. The three crises of globalisation: An anthropological history of the early 21st century at the Univ… more »


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Anthropologist: "Stop the abuse of migrants at the U.S. - Mexican boder!"

They beat children and adults during apprehensions and in custody, they deny people with life-threatening medical conditions treatment, separate family members and confiscate their belongings. “We were held with another woman who was coughing so bad… more »


New Open Access Journal: Nordic Journal of Migration Research

While George Monbiot is right when he is attacking the academic publishing industry, it is important not to forget the positive developments. More and more journals go open access. A few days ago, the first issue of the Nordic Journal of Migration Research was launched. More and more journals go open access. A few days ago, the first issue of the Nordic Journal of Migrat… more »


Deadly migration: The ignored health crisis on the US-Mexican border

A multi-dimensional public health crisis is unfolding on the U.S.-Mexico border that few seem ready to acknowledge, anthropologists Rachel Stonecipher & Sarah Willen write on the Access Denied blog. The complexity of this crisis came to light dur… more »


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Global apartheid: Are you expat or immigrant? (updated)

What comes into your mind, reading the following lines?"We tend to gather in certain locales (cities, sometimes specific neighbourhoods); we frequent particular businesses - some of the services being unique to our community; we have dedicated media,… more »


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Paperless underclass exposes dark side of Europe

"All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights." These noble words in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights might be true in some distant part on this planet, but certainly not in Europe. more »


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"Human smugglers fight global apartheid"

High-tech border between USA and Mexico. Photo: Paul Garland, flickr The limitation of people’s freedom of movement based on their nationality (“global apartheid”) is maybe one of the biggest human rights issues nowadays. One m… more »


The "illegal" anthropologist: Shahram Khosravi's Auto-Ethnography of Borders

Globalisation means for most people on this planet higher fences and less movement across borders. The new book by anthropologist Shahram Khosravi is an auto-ethnography of illegalised border crossing. 'Illegal' Traveller is based on the anthr… more »

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