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The global trade with poor people's kidneys - Interview with Nancy Scheper-Hughes Part 2/3

By Aleksandra Bartoszko. Oslo University Hospital, Equality and Diversity Unit See part I of the interview Being radical critical without being leftist Spring 2011 I attended seminar “Engaging medicine” at the University of Oslo in honor of one o… more »


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The misconceptions of slum life

More and more people are living in slums. What can be done about it? A few weeks ago I blogged about Safaa Marafi’s thesis about neoliberal policies, urban segregation and the Egyptian revolution. Now she has published a newspaper article that… more »


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UK Riots: Let's talk about class and oppressive states

The notion that there is democracy in the West, while there is none in the “rest” might be one of the most powerful and dangerous myths of our time. In reality, democracy is a contested concept everywhere in the world, not only in Egypt or Tunesia, but also in Britain. more »


Thesis: Neoliberal policies, urban segregation and the Egyptian revolution

While Cairo’s slum areas are growing, the richest layer of the society is enjoying a luxury life in privately guarded communities in safe distance from the lower classes. Hosni Mubarak’s neoliberal dream of segregation seems to have come true… more »


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Book review: The deep footprints of colonial Bombay’s main book reviewer Tereza Kuldova has read another book for us.“One wonders how little has changed”, she writes in her review of the book The Making of an Indian Metropolis: Colonial Governance and Public Culture… more »


Haiti Earthquake: Worldwide solidarity, a common humanity? (updated)

(Hatiain Children up in the mountains. Image: Matt Dringenberg, flickr) (post in progress) "Anthropology to me is all about human connexions, about a common humanity", said Dai Cooper from the Anthropology Song. "B… more »


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Fieldwork among homeless heroin and crack users - new book by Philippe Bourgois

"In Search of Respect. Selling Crack in El Barrio" is one of my favorite ethnographies. Now, Philippe Bourgois, is out with a new book. In “Righteous Dopefiend", he looks at the clients of the dealers, the University paper Penn Current reports. The pa… more »


The last days of cheap oil and what anthropologists can do about it

Oil is vital to our growth economy. Yet, our need for continued access to fossil fuels drives many of today's conflicts. And we are in the last days of cheap oil and need alternatives. In his guest editorial in the new issue of Anthropology Today (subsc… more »

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