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The global trade with poor people's kidneys - Interview with Nancy Scheper-Hughes Part 2/3

By Aleksandra Bartoszko. Oslo University Hospital, Equality and Diversity Unit See part I of the interview Being radical critical without being leftist Spring 2011 I attended seminar “Engaging medicine” at the University of Oslo in honor of one o… more »


Deadly migration: The ignored health crisis on the US-Mexican border

A multi-dimensional public health crisis is unfolding on the U.S.-Mexico border that few seem ready to acknowledge, anthropologists Rachel Stonecipher & Sarah Willen write on the Access Denied blog. The complexity of this crisis came to light dur… more »


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"Difficult to read, chaotic, bothering conclusions"

Aleksandra Bartoszko reviews HIV Is God’s Blessing. Rehabilitating Morality in Neoliberal Russia by Jarret Zigon more »


Yes to female circumcision?

The problem with the representation of various forms of female circumcision as ‘mutilation’ is that the term, among other things, presupposes some irreversible and serious harm. This is not supported by current medical research on female circumcision. (s… more »


Haiti Earthquake: Worldwide solidarity, a common humanity? (updated)

(Hatiain Children up in the mountains. Image: Matt Dringenberg, flickr) (post in progress) "Anthropology to me is all about human connexions, about a common humanity", said Dai Cooper from the Anthropology Song. "B… more »


The globalisation of the Western conception of mental illness

As Greg Downey at, an article in the New York Times Magazine kept me awake until late at night - yesterday for reading, today for writing this post. It is a fascinating article about a kind of globalisation that isn't talked about… more »


Where shamans understand colonialism as sickness

"I am here to save the people, to cure the people. In the city they are all sick, they are all domesticated. The shaman has to go together with disease." Anthropologist Anders Burman talks to Don Carlos, an Aymara shaman in Bolivia. According to D… more »


The Anthropology of Suicide - World Suicide Prevention Day

It was around four months ago, I received the message of my friend's sudden death. "Nobody knows", I was told, "why she stepped in front of a train". Afterwards I often wondered if her life could have been saved if we all had known and talked more about… more »

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