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What the life of a pair of flip-flops can teach us about migration, inequality and studying up

Photo: Cíntia Regina, flickr During the recent (nearly) two years, I've been interviewing researchers that are part of the research project Overheating. The three crises of globalisation: An anthropological history of the early 21st century at the Univ… more »


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The misconceptions of slum life

More and more people are living in slums. What can be done about it? A few weeks ago I blogged about Safaa Marafi’s thesis about neoliberal policies, urban segregation and the Egyptian revolution. Now she has published a newspaper article that… more »


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Anthropologists and stereotypes about Libya and Japan

Two friends, same culture: Berlusconi and Gaddafi. Photo: Derek Visser, flickr(draft) Have you tried googling "Japan" "earthquake" and "no looting"? Or "Libya" and "tribes"? It's no big surprise to see stereotypical representations of other people in… more »


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Saba Mahmood: Democracy is not enough - Anthropologists on the Arab revolution part II

While the revolutions in Northern Africa and the Middle East are spreading and the Libyan people managed to get rid of another dictator, anthropologists continue to comment the recent events. Here is a short overview. Much has been said about who or… more »


Protests against Human Zoo i Houston: Africans on display together with chimpanzees?

Five years ago people from all over the world protested against the "African Village" in the zoo in Augsburg, Germany. Now, a new campaign is being planned against "The African Forest", a $50 million project in the Houston Zoo, where Africans are on d… more »


Yes to female circumcision?

The problem with the representation of various forms of female circumcision as ‘mutilation’ is that the term, among other things, presupposes some irreversible and serious harm. This is not supported by current medical research on female circumcision. (s… more »


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When should anthropologists work for the military?

The debate on anthropology and the military is extremly polarized. Mats Utas, Head of the Africa Programme at the Swedish National Defence College, has written an interesting article where he challenges both sides. Among other things, he shows that there… more »


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Mahmood Mamdani: "Western concern for Darfur = Neocolonialism"

300 000 people have been killed and 2.5 million been made refugees in the war in Darfur. In his new book, anthropologist Mahmood Mamdani describes the Save Darfur campaign as representing a refracted version of the moral logic of the "War on Terror" with… more »

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